The Most Elite Real Estate Community
in DFW

DFW Real Producers is comprised of four publications and exclusive events that collectively make up the top 2,000 real estate agents and RP Vetted Businesses in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

What is DFW Real Producers?

Real Producers is a platform that brings together the most elite individuals in DFW Real Estate. We take the  top real estate agents and RP vetted businesses and build an exclusive community around that group. Through our publications and social events, we share their stories, successes, market trends and anything that will connect, inform and inspire. 

Our Publications

Four publications to connect, inspire, inform and elevate the Top 2000 Realtors and Preferred Partners in the DFW area.

North Dallas Real Producers

Fort Worth Real Producers

North Fort Worth Real Producers

What is the process for being featured in the magazine?

Be sure to update your contact information to ensure you receive the monthly magazine as well as communication regarding upcoming events.